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Postman’s Codes

Coding Fun for Kids


Postman’s Codes is designed to introduce kids to computer science at pre-school age (perfect for pre-readers).

Kids learn key programming concepts, such as algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition, sequencing skills through exciting and challenging gameplay. Performed in a beautiful 3D game world featuring 50 levels, with 3 individual profiles.Visual coding has been proven to be a preferred way of learning to code by leading schools and universities.

Postman’s Codes is delivering computer science education to kids in over 200 countries by turning programming into play.

Main Features:

Basics of programming for kids
50 challenging levels
Track the progress of child – 3 individual profiles.

Kids can learn:
– Algorithmic Thinking
– Sequencing skill
– Pattern Recognition
– Control Flow Using Conditional Logic
– Problem Solving
– Efficient Programming
– Conditional Statement
– Abstraction

And ‘soft skills’ such as:
– Problem solving skills
– Higher level thinking skills
– Critical thinking skills

Postman’s Codes makes programming more accessible and fun for kids, regardless of prior experience.


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This app does not use data collection tools

“Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think!”
– Steve Jobs, Founder & CEO of Apple

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